Our Doctors

Dr. Vishnu Sethubabu

Managing Director

BAMS, YIC, Certified Ksharasutra Practitioner, Cert. Sujok, Cert. Hijama, Cert. Dorn Therapy, Cert. Reiki, Cert. Astrology

Dr. Vishnu has 14 years of experience in Ayurvedic treatment. He is the founder of Kaalimadom Ayurvedics. He is also certified in Sujok, Reiki, Astrology, Hijama and Dorm Therapy.

He has track record of curing diseases such as cancer, Psoriasis, Spine Correction, etc.

Dr. Veena Vijayan

Senior Consultant (Ayurveda & Yoga)

BAMS, Cert. Marma, Cert. Cupping Therapy, Cert. Scalp Acupuncture