Medical Astrology

As per Ayurvedic medical astrology, the diseases are the result of our past karmas and indicated by weak and afflicted planets. This can be easily understood by an astrologer. Vedic Astrology is increasing over the years in Europe and the USA.

At present, there are very few Ayurvedic doctors who are competent as Vedic astrologers or few Vedic astrologers who are competent as Ayurvedic doctors and above all who can show how to relate "practically" the terms and techniques of one system and the other. We have an expert team that can diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from maladies caused by unfavorable and malefic astral influences.

Ancient Indian Ayurveda suggests and recommends a sound knowledge of astrology for understanding maladies and their cure. Indian Ayurveda underscores the fact that diseases can effectively be cured by neutralizing the influence of malicious planets on human life.

Weak and malefic planets and their detrimental influences cause various kinds of diseases. Circulatory deficiencies, an ailment of the bloodstream, anemia, physical debility, and digestive disorders are often caused by the negative influence of the Sun. Insanity or lunacy, coughs and colds, bronchitis, melancholia, and respiratory troubles are attributed to the adverse influences of the Moon. Apart from these, several other diseases are caused by these influences. The chart below gives a precise idea of the maladies caused by unfavorable and malefic astral influences.




Pitta, Eye, Heart, Bone related diseases, Ulcer, Burning, Abdominal diseases, Decreased immunity, fractures, Leprosy, Head diseases, Unconsciousness, Epilepsy, Fever, etc.


Heart and lung-related diseases, left eye disorder, insomnia, asthma, diarrhea, anemia, hemorrhage, water-related or deficiency diseases, vomiting, kidney-related diseases, diabetes, dropsy, appendicitis, phlegm, urinary disorders, Oral diseases, nasal diseases, jaundice, mental diseases, etc.


Constipation, flatulence, liver trouble, blind piles, skin diseases, etc.


Nervous diseases, ulcers, acidity, blood pressure, restlessness, irritation, etc.


Bronchial problems, whooping cough, asthma, dyspepsia, sexual diseases, delirium, obsession, procreative problems, etc.


Nervous and mental disorder, neurosis, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism, excretory diseases, etc.


Hepatitis, biliousness, colic palpitation, toothache, insomnia.


Hyperacidity, burning sensation, trouble from vayu (gas), brain disorder, sexual excesses and alcoholism.


Skin diseases, nervous debility, small pox, urinary problems, etc.